What is the best multicooker to buy? 2021 guide

People increasingly have little time for extensive cooking. Perhaps you are one of those people. However, you naturally prefer to put a tasty and healthy meal on the table. This can be combined with a multicooker.

With this, you can quickly put a meal on the table, but a very tasty meal. This meal can be prepared in many different ways.

But what exactly is a multicooker? In this article, you can read that and you will learn everything about the advantages and disadvantages of different multicookers. You can also read how a multicooker works and what you should pay attention to when purchasing an appliance. In addition, the difference between a slow cooker and a multicooker is mentioned. All this to be able to cook delicious, but quickly!

What is a multi-cooker?

A multicooker is a kitchen appliance that allows you to prepare food in different ways. Not only cooking and baking are possibilities, grilling, frying and steaming are also among the options. So very varied!

Some multicookers can also be used to keep or reheat food. A multicooker has a timer and food in the multicooker is prepared automatically. This way you can quickly prepare a delicious meal! 

One reason multicookers are designed is the fact that they use no gas. This allowed a lot of money to be saved on gas, which is also an advantage that you can experience for yourself. The appliances are also more durable than ovens.

Not only do they provide easy and tasty food, they are also cost-effective! Initially, the devices were intended for cooking rice, but more and more functions were added.

How does a multicooker work?

A multicooker is very easy to use. You only have to set it up properly, otherwise, the device itself does most of the work. In terms of setting, two types of multicookers can be distinguished. These are the multicooker that you set separately for each function and the multicooker that you set separately for each dish. 

You have just read that multicookers can prepare food in different ways. A multicooker that has to be set per function tells you how you want to prepare the food. This can involve cooking or baking, but the number of possible functions differs per multicooker. For example, steaming and slow cooking are often options, but stewing and even air frying are also options!

If you’re a multi-cooker is that you must set in each dish, choose a program. A number of multicookers have a program for a large number of frequently made dishes. In this way, the dish is prepared in the best way. Examples of dishes that definitely have a program are soups and rice. 

Regardless of the type of multicooker you have, you must of course determine which ingredients you need. You also have to determine the dimensions yourself. You could use a cookbook for this. Some brands of multicookers even have their own cookbook with lots of recipes you can make with the appliance! More will be said about this in a moment.

Once you’ve done the preparations, you really don’t need to do much more. You often have to add some water to the dish. Then, depending on the type of multicooker, you choose a function or a dish.

Then you only have to indicate how long it takes for your dish to be ready. Sometimes you can choose between short, long or medium. You may also be able to enter the exact time. Once you’ve done this, you’re basically done, and you can let your multicooker do the work! Very simple, so you have the time to finish something or just relax.

What to look for when buying a multicooker?

When you buy a multicooker, you have to pay attention to a number of things. First, the type of multicooker. As just mentioned, there are multicookers that are set per function and multicookers that are set per dish. If you have a preference for this, you should pay attention to which multicooker has which type of setting.

Not only the difference between those two settings but also other properties can differ between different multicookers. For example, you can prepare your dishes in a lot more different ways in some multicookers than in other variants.

Also, not all multicooker inner pans are made of the same material. This can be metal, but ceramics, for example, are also an option. More will be said about the latter material in a moment. In short, each multicooker has its own characteristics. If you have certain preferences, it is good to take that into account. 

You also have to take a few other things into account. So it is a fairly heavy device. This does not have to be a problem, but it is good to take this into account. So it is not very handy.

In addition, it is good to ask yourself how many people are going to eat the dishes. Most multicookers are too small to prepare a dish for a large family (at once). An advantage of this is that the device does not take up too much space. You should also keep in mind that you need to get to know the multicooker.

Multicookers are certainly easy to use, but preparing meals this way may take some getting used to at first.

What is the best multicooker to buy?

There are a number of different types of multicookers. Which one to buy depends on your own wishes. The advantages and disadvantages of each multicooker are listed here. Both types of multicookers and well-known brands are mentioned here.

Crockpot express pot

You might consider a device from Crockpot. This is a brand of cookers, but also another name for the slow cooker. There is a difference between a slow cooker and a multicooker, which will be explained in more detail in a moment.

Yet this brand is named because an Express-Pot from the Crockpot brand has functions that are actually very suitable for multicookers. The Express-Pot is a slow cooker but works like a pressure cooker.

This appliance uses air pressure to prepare dishes quickly. In addition, the Express-Pot has many functions: the device has no fewer than 12 positions. So it is definitely recommended!

Instant Pot

instant pot duo nova

Instant Pot is a brand of multicookers you could go for. This brand has several multicookers. You can choose between different multicookers with a slow cooking function, but pressure cookers are also options.

Many multicookers of this brand are 6-in-1 or even more, up to 10-in-1. This means that the device has multiple functions so that you can prepare meals in different ways.

You can also use the slow cook function in many pressure cookers of this brand. This applies to the Instant Pot Duo Plus, among others. In this device, you can do both quick and slow cooking, and steaming and even making yogurt are options. In principle, yogurt is of course not vegan, but there are vegetable variants of yogurt that you could try. The advantage of this brand is that you can choose between different variants and always have a multicooker with a lot of functions.


A brand of multicookers that is very multifunctional is Aigostar. Many multicookers have a lot of functions, including multicookers from Aigostar. The number of functions and programs varies by type.

If you’re really looking for something multifunctional, the Aigostar Panda might be for you. This device has no fewer than fourteen pre-programmed functions. Whether you want to bake, fry, or steam: it’s possible with the Aigostar Panda.

Your dish is also ready very quickly with this multicooker, even within a few minutes. Ideal for when you want to eat something quickly, but a good meal! The inner pan of this variant has a non-stick coating. This makes this multicooker easy to clean.


Another brand of multicookers that sells appliances with many features is Ninja. Multicookers from Ninja often have a capacity of 7.5 liters. For comparison, the Aigostar Panda has a capacity of 5 liters. If you are looking for a multicooker with a large capacity, Ninja is therefore recommended.

An example of a Ninja multicooker with a 7.5-liter capacity is the Ninja Foodi Max. With this, you can bake, steam, and grill your food, but also air fry, and you can even make yogurt with it. In addition, the Ninja brand is generally known for multicookers that provide crispy food. If you want to give your food a crispy layer, the best way to do this is with a Ninja multicooker!

Moulinex Cookeo

If you go for a Moulinex Cookeo multicooker, you will pay a little more than for the multicookers already mentioned. For example, you pay more than 300 euros for the Moulinex Cookeo Connect. A fairly high price, but then you definitely get something.

First of all, this multi-cooker has no less than 200 pre-programmed recipes, a lot more than most multicookers! Not all of these recipes are vegan, but there are so many that you are sure to find a suitable dish.

You can also add different recipes to this list yourself! The brand has an app, ‘My Cookeo’, on which you can add new recipes. This app allows you to connect to your multicooker. This allows you to see exactly what the possibilities are with your device and you can easily follow the preparation process via the app. 

The Moulinex Cookeo Connect also has six different preparation methods in which you can prepare the food. You can also enjoy a varied meal with this multicooker.

Another big advantage is the ceramic non-stick coating. Ceramic ensures that food stays warm for a long time. In addition, a non-stick coating is of course always an advantage. The non-stick pan can be removed from the multicooker and is dishwasher safe. Also very handy!

This device is available in black, red, and white.

Cook processors

The next two are a bit more special on the list. They are cook processors. This way you have a multicooker and a food processor in one. They cost a lot more, but you do have a multifunctional appliance so that you lose less space in your kitchen cabinets than with all separate appliances.

Magimix Cook Expert – Cook Processor

With a multicooker from Moulinex Cookeo, you can prepare a large number of dishes. This is certainly the case with Magimix multicookers. For example, with the Magimix Cook Expert, you can choose between twelve programs and you can use the recipe book. It lists no fewer than 300 dishes that you can make with this device! This is the Cook Expert recipe book.

This brand of multicookers also has an app where you can find the best recipes. Again, not all recipes are vegan, but the many dishes you can find certainly contain vegan recipes. 

The device has a power of 1700 Watt and is dishwasher safe. The multicooker also consists of various parts, such as the stainless steel bowl, which keeps food warm for two hours. In addition, various knives are included. Not only a metal knife, useful for cutting vegetables, for example but also a mini-knife, for smaller quantities. A universal knife is also included, among other things for mixing and kneading the food.

This all sounds very attractive, but there is also a price tag attached to it. The Magimix Cook Expert costs no less than 1199 euros and other multicookers of this brand are not much less. If you are looking for a somewhat cheaper multicooker, this is not the best option.

The volume of this variant is also 3.6 liters, which is not very much, compared to other brands. If you are looking for a multicooker for a somewhat larger family, this is therefore not highly recommended. However, the quality is high enough to consider in other cases.

KitchenAid Artisan Cook Processor


A slightly cheaper brand of cook processor, but still a lot more expensive than the average multicooker, is Kitchenaid. The Kitchenaid Artisan costs 999 euros. A hefty price, but then you also have something.

The device has a thick plate of aluminum, which can be set to a high cooking temperature, no less than 140 °C. Also, the cooking pot is made of stainless steel, which is also a big advantage. 

With the Kitchenaid Artisan, you can prepare food in different ways. As usual, cooking and roasting are options, but pureeing and dough can also be made with this device. Like the aforementioned brands, Kitchenaid also has a free cookbook and app with tasty recipes that can be made with the multicooker. This multicooker is also dishwasher safe and has a high power of 1500 Watt. So many benefits! 

However, the capacity is not very large, namely 4.5 liters. This is smaller than many multicookers from other brands. This shouldn’t be a problem, but if you want to cook for more people, it’s not the best option. As with the multicookers from the Magimix brand, the content and the price are reasons to look further. However, if this is not a problem for you, Kitchenaid is also highly recommended in terms of quality.

Multicooker with ceramic inner pan

A multicooker with a ceramic inner pan is also an option. This is a multicooker with a ceramic inner pan. This can be glass, but also earthenware or porcelain.

An advantage of a ceramic inner pan is the fact that it retains heat for a long time. In this way, your dish stays warm longer, and the heat reaches everywhere. You can also heat food in an inner pan in the oven.

Another important advantage is that it is a non-stick coating that does not contain Teflon.

However, a ceramic inner pan also has some disadvantages. For example, ceramics are naturally fragile and you will have to be extra careful with your multicooker. Freezing and searing are also not possible.

Conclusion multicooker

If you want to buy a multicooker, you seem to have plenty of choices. Which one is best depends, among other things, on the number of people who will use the multicooker. Based on this, you can determine how many liters the multicooker should fit.

In addition, the price is also a factor that can be important to you. Some multicookers are a bit more expensive. There are more functions and qualities involved, but it depends on how much you want and can spend on it.

The question of which functions you want to use can also determine your choice. Do you want to be able to prepare your meals in many different ways? Then you will of course be more interested in very multifunctional multicookers. However, if you stick to cooking and baking, a simpler variant is good enough. So it all depends on your wishes!

Do you want a cheap, yet multifunctional multicooker? Then go for the Aigostar Panda (about €90). If you would like a multicooker with a ceramic inner pan and it can cost a little more, you can go for the Moulinex Cookeo Connect (about €340) with an app and many recipes. If you would like fewer appliances and a multicooker and food processor in one, you can go for the Magimix Cookexpert (approx. €1100)

What is the difference between a multicooker and a slow cooker?

A multicooker is often confused with a slow cooker. However, these devices are not the same. Something has already been said about the Crockpot, but what exactly is the difference between the two cookers?

A slow cooker is a kitchen appliance that allows you to prepare dishes slowly. A multicooker can also have the function of a slow cooker, but with a multicooker, you can do much more.

For example, with a multicooker, as mentioned earlier, you can often quickly cook. A multicooker also often has a lot of other preparation methods, which the slow cooker is less likely to have.

Furthermore, the devices are largely similar. However, the slow cooker is often a bit larger. As a result, this device takes up more space, but more people can use it at the same time.


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