How to Use Instant Pot Duo Plus

How to Use Instant Pot Duo Plus? Awesome Beginner’s Guide

Are you looking for how to use instant pot duo plus? If you’ve just purchased an Instant Pot Duo Plus model, this beginner’s quick start guide will help you get started.  This user manual tells you about all the parts, the essential buttons and functions, and gives you instructions on how to use the Instant Pot Evo model for the first time by doing the water test or initial test run.


This Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus is my fifth Instant Pot! I have an Instant Pot Duo, Instant Pot Ultra 6 quart and 8 quarts, and Instant Pot Smart Wifi. I purchased my first Instant Pot 3 years ago, and I was hooked from the get-go!

Although I like all my Instant Pots until now the Ultra was my favorite. I may have to rethink that with the purchase of the Evo. I really like it and would highly recommend it! This guide will tell you how to use the Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus right out of the box.

Make sure you also check out the companion Advanced User Guide for Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus. It gives you details on how to use the smart programs and all the buttons!

What is an Instant Pot?

How to use instant pot duo plus? The Instant Pot has become so popular in recent years that some are using instant Pot as a generic name for pressure cookers of any brand.

In reality, Instant Pot is the brand name of a multicooker that serves as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker, sauté/searing pan, steamer and warming pot all in one convenient appliance.

Some people use the name Instapot, but the correct name is Instant Pot.

The Instant Pot Company (Instant Brands) started with one product – the Instant Pot – and now makes a wide range of kitchen appliances including air fryers, blenders, and toaster ovens.

Although the Instant Pot pressure multicooker has many different functions, the most commonly used is the Pressure Cook function. Pressure cooking allows you to cook foods at a fraction of the time it would take on the stovetop.

instant pot duo evo plus

First Thing You Need to Do: Open the Box!

I can’t even tell you how many times I hear from people who either got the Instant Pot as a gift, or they bought it and are too scared to use it. So let me say there’s nothing to worry about. The Instant Pot has many layers of built-in safety features!

Besides, if you don’t get it out of the box and try it out, in the event, you have a defective unit you might miss the warranty period and be stuck with a bulky paperweight!

In this guide, I’m going to (virtually) hold your hand and help you get going to the point where you’ll pressure cook your first recipe: water!

Is the Instant Pot Duo Plus Safe to Use?

How to use instant pot duo plus? This isn’t your grandma’s pressure cooker! If you’ve had experiences, like I, with stovetop pressure cooker mishaps in the past, fear no more. The Instant Pot eliminates most of those pressure cooker issues.

According to Instant Pot, in the past, most pressure cooker disasters could usually be attributed to user error. Instant Pot pressure multicookers are carefully designed to eliminate and avoid most of the potential problems.

Numerous safety features help reduce common errors. Safety features include pressure sensor technology, close lid detection, lid lock technology, overheat protection and automatic temperature and pressure controls.

Safety Precautions

Although there are many built-in safety features as explained above, as a user, you need to follow common-sense precautions:

  1. Don’t touch the hot surfaces, particularly the stainless steel parts. Use the handles to move the Instant Pot or the inner pot.
  2. Don’t place the Instant Pot on or close to an electric or gas burner.
  3. Don’t move the Instant Pot when it’s under pressure.
  4. Don’t fill over 2/3 full.
  5. When cooking foods that expand, e.g. rice, beans, pasta don’t fill over 1/2 full.
  6. Ensure anti-block shield, float valve, and steam release pipe are clean and not clogged.
  7. Don’t open the lid until the float valve is down, i.e. the Instant Pot is depressurized.
  8. Keep hands and face away from the steam release mechanism.
  9. Don’t obstruct the steam release assembly when pressure is being released.
  10. When quick-releasing frothy foods such as applesauce, oatmeal, pasta, etc. take extra care, it’s best to release pressure is short bursts for these types of foods.
  11. Don’t use another Instant Pot model’s lid on the Duo Evo Plus model.

instant pot duo nova


The Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus comes with the following main parts:

  • Base unit/Outer Pot– stainless steel exterior that houses the heating element, control panel, and attached power cord
  • Inner pot– removable stainless steel pot with easy-grip silicone handles. The inner pot is stove-friendly, so you can use it on your stovetop as you would a regular pot.
  • Lid– closes the Instant Pot and seals it under pressure.


The Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus comes with the following manuals and accessories:

  • Getting Started guide– setup, overview, and instructions
  • Safety Manual– safety, maintenance, and warranty Information
  • Condensation Collector – catches drips from condensation on the lid; attaches onto the back of the base unit
  • Trivet – the trivet is useful for elevating food above the liquid and for Pot in Pot cooking
  • Extra Sealing Ring– great for sweet recipes or desserts

Duo Plus Lid Exterior Parts

  • Lid Handle– used to put on and take off the lid
  • Lid Fin– placed in the lid fin slot of the base unit to prop the lid open
  • Steam Release Assembly– consists of steam release cover, steam release valve, and steam release pipe
  • Float Valve– seals in the steam, allowing the Instant Pot to be pressurized
  • Quick Release Switch – used to do a Quick Release (QR) of pressure
  • QuickCool Cover– removable cover that allows the Instant Pot to cool down faster when doing a natural pressure release (NPR or NR)

Steam Release Assembly – Parts

The steam release assembly consists of:

  • Steam release cover– diffuses the steam when pressure is released
  • Steam release valve– regulates the internal temperature. It is supposed to be wobbly but should be pushed in all the way
  • Steam release pipe– steam travels from the inner pot through the pipe during the steam release

Instant Pot Duo Plus Lid Interior Parts

The inside of the Instant Pot Evo lid consists of the following parts:

  • Silicone Cap for Float Valve – covers the float valve and keeps it in place
  • Lid Locking Pin– safety mechanism that prevents the lid from opening under pressure
  • Anti-Block Shield– prevents food from coming out of the inner pot through the steam release pipe
  • Sealing Ring Rack– holds the sealing ring in place
  • Sealing Ring– silicone sealing ring that allows the Instant Pot to seal

Sealing Ring

How to Remove the Sealing Ring?

  • Pull gently on the silicone ring until it detaches from the sealing ring rack.
  • Continue to pull the silicone sealing ring out until it is completely separated.

How to Replace the Sealing Ring?

  • Place the silicone sealing ring on the sealing ring rack.
  • Working your way all around, push the sealing ring until it’s firmly seated in the sealing ring rack.
  • Make sure no part of the sealing ring is sticking out, or you may have sealing issues and get the Burn Message.
  • The first few times, you may find it difficult to remove the sealing ring, but after a few uses, it should stretch out a bit.

Float Valve

The float valve needs to be cleaned periodically, especially after cooking frothy or starchy foods.

How to Remove the Float Valve?

  • While holding the float valve in place on the outside of the lid, remove the float valve’s silicone cap.
  • Allow the float valve to fall out from the bottom.
  • Be careful not to misplace the silicone cap.

How to Replace the Float Valve?

  • Thread the float valve through the float valve hole.
  • While holding it in place on the exterior of the lid, replace the silicone cover by pushing it onto the float valve on the interior of the lid.

instant pot duo evo plus

Anti-Block Shield

The anti-block shield should be cleaned periodically, especially after cooking frothy or starchy foods.

How to Remove and Replace the Anti-Block Shield?

  • The anti-block shield can be hard to remove with your bare hands.
  • Use a silicone trivet or a dish towel to push the anti-block shield in an upwards motion.
  • Try it from the front or behind (as shown above in the first image)
  • To replace the anti-block shield, push it in until it clicks into place.

Instant Pot Duo Plus Assembly

  • Place the inner pot in the Instant Pot base unit with the handles resting in the handle notches.

Condensation Collector

The condensation collector catches any moisture that builds upon the rim. This usually comes from moisture dripping from inside the lid into the rim of the Instant Pot base, when the lid is propped open. Here’s how to attach the condensation collector:

  • Line up the condensation collector with the edges aligned with the notches on the back of the Instant Pot base unit.
  • Slide in the condensation collector until it’s pushed in all the way.

Open and Close the Lid

How to Close the Lid?

  • Place the lid onto the Instant Pot base unit with the arrow mark on the lid lined up with the small bar that is above the right corner of the control panel.
  • You will hear a chime (if the volume is turned on).
  • Turn the lid clockwise until you hear another chime.
  • The lid will be closed.

How to Open the Lid?

  • Turn the lid counterclockwise until you hear a chime.
  • The arrow on the lid will be lined up with the bar on the base unit.
  • Lift the lid to remove it.
  • If you feel a slight resistance, wiggle the lid back and forth and the suction should release.

How to Prop Open the Lid?

Propping open the lid keeps it out of the way and allows you to use the Instant Pot hands-free.

  • Locate the lid fin slots in the rim of the base unit.
  • Insert the left lid fin into the left slot or the right lid fin into the right slot.

Release Pressure

There are a few different ways to release pressure from the Instant Pot Duo Plus:

  1. Natural Pressure Release/Natural Release
  2. Quick Release
  3. 10-minute or 15-minute Natural Pressure Release
  4. Quick Release in Short Bursts

How to Do A Faster Natural Pressure Release with Quickcool?

There is one additional pressure release method available with the Instant Pot Duo Plus.

Back in the days of stovetop pressure cookers, you were able to cool the pressure cooker down faster by running cold water over the closed lid. This allowed the pressure to drop faster. This isn’t possible with an electric pressure cooker.

To speed up the cooling process, remove the QuickCool cover on the Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus and place the quick cool tray accessory filled with ice on the metal surface. This allows the pressure to be naturally released faster (up to 50% faster).

Here’s how you remove the cover and add the ice.

  • Push the tab inwards and pull up.
  • Lift the cover upward and towards you to remove it.
  • Add ice to the QuickCool tray and place the tray on the metal part of the lid.
  • The float valve will drop, and you will be able to open the lid.

USES: tender-crisp vegetables, delicate fish.

I hope you have got the answer to your question “how to use instant pot duo plus?”. For more, visit our website.

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